Monday, October 29, 2007

Three dinners

One current drawback of this transition to a gfcf diet is that we're frequently eating three different meals. I know that, with some planning, this doesn't need to be the case. But I'm currently in triage mode with school and the move, so I also know that this won't change until we have a chance to settle into our new house and I can give myself a little freedom to slack on the school work for a month or so.

Nonetheless, I was actually quite pleased with the look of our dinners tonight. Scooter, who is super picky, actually had a balanced meal. I am full enough that I should be able to avoid the worst of the late-night munchies. And Trillian ate something healthy, even if she avoided adding a vegetable side.

Scooter's dinner:
  • A couple fish sticks (shaped like fish). They're gluten-free because they use potato flakes in the breading. He ate these with ketchup.*
  • Half an apple. He may not like veggies, but I can always get the kid to eat apple.
  • A few bites of gfcf toast, spread with an acceptable butter substitute (that is also trans fat free).
  • 2 glasses of orange juice. Ever since this study, I worry less about him drinking juice instead of water. I figure that it ups the number of vitamins and minerals he gets. Not as much fiber as if he ate the actual fruit, but he dislikes the feel of oranges in non-juice form.
  • Some soy ice cream and gfcf chocolate chip cookies for dessert.
My dinner:
  • The other half of Scooter's apple as appetizer.
  • The remainder of the gfcf loaf, toasted, with ham from our local butcher. Their meat is generally organic and minimally, if at all, processed.
  • A medium-sized salad of baby greens, dried cherries, pumpkin seeds, and dijon tarragon dressing.
  • Spearmint tea for my sore throat.
Trillian's dinner:
  • Large glass of milk.
  • A salmon fillet with panko crumbs and pecans.
  • Dark chocolate.
To be fair, Trillian may have had something else that I'm not aware of, but I can pretty much guarantee it wasn't a green vegetable. Both the milk and the panko crumbs are no-gos for me. I actually don't miss the milk since rice milk works fine for me, but I am mighty jealous of the salmon. Scooter, of course, wouldn't have been willing to try even a bite if Trillian had offered.

* The ketchup is suspect; it does not specify what kind of vinegar is in it, and vinegar is sometimes filtered through (if not made from) wheat. I plan on being more careful about this once we're in Springfield, but decided not to mess with it during out transition period.

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Aliki2006 said...

I'm impressed with the three separate dinners. And I'm ashamed that I've never tried Panko crumbs, either, but I have seen that these shouldn't be used in GFCF diets.